The Vastness

She swims in a vastness which drifts

and within its essence caresses;

in affection of past, foregone, uncovered,

through rhythm and motion and boundless expanse.

So it becomes

(her advance of no mould)

in uncertainty covered and tension released,

as she swims through the vastness

(swallowed by it)

and her fondness softly embraces.

Where nothingness lays

Taking your touch

– what temporal fancy –

for naught in the past

and much less the present

there for us lays.

It lays thereafter

where torrents connective

dimensionless cascade.

There, where emptiness lays

and the disparate in closeness delivers.

Sensing it certain and grasping unable

in there, where nothingness lays.

Ineffable, that void perpetual

where all which is worthy shall seed.

From it and through it,

arriving at once,

the knowledge embodied in madness conceived

by gifts collected from unity’s trees

you touch me and through me are freed.

Your Caress Alone / Anticipation

I await your gaze,

your lips and touch and passion’s purpose

upon the skin that glows

for your caress alone.


To be lost in me,

rapture seeded in impulsive embrace,

as I fold around and hold you tender

much like fruit in petals spring foresees.


For when the body feels of lovers true

so sprouts in gleaming shine,

the yearning, budding,

for your caress alone.


This work is dedicated to all the lovers distanced by our current emergency; to the flow of nascent romance that must find its way through patience to maintain its grace.

Do not abandon, love, what was there for you before, as for you thereafter it shall remain. 



Allowing the Present

There comes a time to give

To give and give and give

As the source ethereal

Forever boundless remains.

A vessel, aperture or spirit, no less

Carrying through

Manifesting, through

What there, below, swells.

It is not the I that such current draws

But the current that the I distorts

Should one so permit

Its abundance, put lightly, simply to be.

I cannot shape what I is;

What I becomes, surely,

Or the past the I can recount.

The present, however, is but what I allow.

Stop / See / Embrace

Hop past that stone

To skip to the next

(Jump, stress, race)

Seeking forever a new one to face.

Counting the stones

To move to the next

(Hop, skip, face)

Never enough those stones that I chase.

Eyeing ahead

To look past the next

(Count, move, chase)

Blinded as ever to the path that I trace.

Stopping at one

To see my own place,

(Eye, look, trace)

Vision in stillness I start to embrace.

Standing in current

To feel my own space

(Stop, see, embrace)

Restful in knowing there’s no need to press.

Playing in turning

To grow from my base

Learning at last how the now stone to grace.

Vision / Heart

Engulfed by a vision

She listens through heart,

Not to longings self-nurtured,

But a truth which imparts.

Swirling in presence,

She embodies the knowledge in whole

A sense felt through vastness,

Rooted in past and in future to grow.

Breathing, it opens and curls,

As she lies here in patience, seeing it swirl

Unsurprised to receive what she long might suspect

Knowing all is

and not a drop less.

Touch me deeply and change me today, forever

Once upon that time with ease you flowed to me,

On you eyes I laid and soaked

what truths your soothing voice

in essence pure conveyed.

Paths again may never cross,

but this to you I wish to say,

your faith in what the mind may choose,

planted courage in life’s way.

In your words I found freedom,

In your arms I found hope.

In your silence I suffered.

In your absence I thought.

Since, partitions have shattered

and rays through so beautifully shine,

as purpose in liberty forcelessly grows

and strength in your words forever shall lie.

Rain / Deliverance

The rain of today

brings winds before of yesterday

and where the sun tomorrow may lie

strikes but a moment

as your touch upon mine

seldom in future and past may lay.

Tomorrow may shine on yesterday’s flurry,

but, embrace me, love!

Drink me, never but today forever,

those temporal torrents diluting

as through you I flow

and in us deliverance sustain.