Vision / Heart

Engulfed by a vision

She listens through heart,

Not to longings self-nurtured,

But a truth which imparts.

Swirling in presence,

She embodies the knowledge in whole

A sense felt through vastness,

Rooted in past and in future to grow.

Breathing, it opens and curls,

As she lies here in patience, seeing it swirl

Unsurprised to receive what she long might suspect

Knowing all is

and not a drop less.

Touch me deeply and change me today, forever

Once upon that time with ease you flowed to me,

On you eyes I laid and soaked

what truths your soothing voice

in essence pure conveyed.

Paths again may never cross,

but this to you I wish to say,

your faith in what the mind may choose,

planted courage in life’s way.

In your words I found freedom,

In your arms I found hope.

In your silence I suffered.

In your absence I thought.

Since, partitions have shattered

and rays through so beautifully shine,

as purpose in liberty forcelessly grows

and strength in your words forever shall lie.

Rain / Deliverance

The rain of today

brings winds before of yesterday

and where the sun tomorrow may lie

strikes but a moment

as your touch upon mine

seldom in future and past may lay.

Tomorrow may shine on yesterday’s flurry,

but, embrace me, love!

Drink me, never but today forever,

those temporal torrents diluting

as through you I flow

and in us deliverance sustain.

The truthful trace / patient grace

To pause from love and take one’s break,

To fret alone, alone to shake,

To think about what’s there to make

And love not so for love’s own sake.

To rest the self and feel the space,

To love but once a many face,

To see how aimless is the chase

And bring to light the truthful trace.

To trust love’s purpose and its place,

To praise its whims with patient grace,

To draw the line, then to retrace

And faith in ease and life to place.

She, the Moon on a Pond

She swims in the pond of driving desires

Deep and vast as it is.

Deep and vast as the skin and the touch

She praises and folds ’round another.


Enchanted, the moon wraps her light,

Plump and round as it is.

Plump and round as her mind, in flow,

Releases the body’s desire.


Her and the moon draw the thin string

Perilous and tender it is.

Perilous and tender as the love in the stars

That so easily never could be.


The moon on a pond, illuminates her –

Loving and gentle she is.

Loving and gentle as the line that she draws

Shimmering brightly for those who can see.