An open letter to you, unknown reader

Hello there, whoever you might be,

I am writing these words at a time when the world has arrived at a point of reckoning, where life feels as though it has been disrupted and many hang on the expectation of a return to normality. Worry, uncertainty and grief are some of the emotions that have reached me, mirroring what I believe is the understanding that a return to what we used to call ‘normal’ may never occur.

Before you dismiss this as fatalistic, I want to share the reason I am priming my body and mind to accept this possibility. I think we all knew, on some level, that the hyperactive organism, our society, was stressed, inflamed and at war with itself. The heat, the speed, the flux of events and information were overwhelming us as we consciously sped towards our own annihilation. I dare then ask – was that normal preferable to what we might conceive past our current inflection point?

I must admit I have embraced these times as an invitation for the transformation I and our entire world needed. Far from idealism about a perfect future of peace and prosperity, I find refuge in the understanding that crises will forever invite change. And I believe change was (and still is) a’ comin’. What shall we manifest from it? That truly is down to us, to each individual’s response and willingness to reimagine our future. Make no mistake – the image each one of us holds in our minds is a thread in the tapestry our collective intelligence ends up weaving into what we refer to as our ‘objective, occurring reality.’

Even if it may feel like this period of viral segregation offers nothing but a darkening, I invite you to consider that it is the balance of life which ensures that after a darkening comes the light. Patience is all that separates these two mutually-affirming surfaces, and the light that shall follow is but an aggregate of our individual sparks.

I plead that you take the time to consider what your spark harbours and to accept all that arises with equanimity and a readiness to support those who may struggle more than you. As a collective, we shall survive this threat, which though painful is most likely gruesome on a different scale in the parallel reality where it is not Corona, but a cousin of the Black Death which is eliminating a whole portion of our species. I am not attempting to trivialise our current state, but merely to aid digestion through perspective on the fact things can always be much, much worse. Holding each other in our mind’s eye and acting with strength, vigilance, compassion and a curiosity for the brighter future is fully within our capability. With urgency, I ask you to embrace this capacity and act out the present and future we are currently constructing with all the care and love you are capable of.  

I am keenly writing on topics of interconnectivity, slowness, depth, acceptance, purpose and clarity, hoping to offer a structured account of these thoughts one day. In the meantime, I am always here to exchange notes and thoughts if this might help you in any way with the challenges, fears or grief you might be experiencing.

We remain connected, even at a distance, and our ability to embrace the signals of our reality gracefully and with as little opposition as possible is where peace and resilience lie. Dancing and shaping this reality with the boundless powers of our imagination is what shall keep our heads above the water.



Allowing the Present

There comes a time to give

To give and give and give

As the source ethereal

Forever boundless remains.

A vessel, aperture or spirit, no less

Carrying through

Manifesting, through

What there, below, swells.

It is not the I that such current draws

But the current that the I distorts

Should one so permit

Its abundance, put lightly, simply to be.

I cannot shape what I is;

What I becomes, surely,

Or the past the I can recount.

The present, however, is but what I allow.

Stop / See / Embrace

Hop past that stone

To skip to the next

(Jump, stress, race)

Seeking forever a new one to face.

Counting the stones

To move to the next

(Hop, skip, face)

Never enough those stones that I chase.

Eyeing ahead

To look past the next

(Count, move, chase)

Blinded as ever to the path that I trace.

Stopping at one

To see my own place,

(Eye, look, trace)

Vision in stillness I start to embrace.

Standing in current

To feel my own space

(Stop, see, embrace)

Restful in knowing there’s no need to press.

Playing in turning

To grow from my base

Learning at last how the now stone to grace.

Morning, newspaper

On Saturday morning I woke up quite early and decided to spend some time in the sunshine. I made myself a cup of tea and took it out with me in the bamboo cup I normally use for takeaway coffee. Similarly to the day prior, it felt like spring outside – by 10:30 am the sun had already warmed the air and the light breeze that accompanied the quiet morning was fresh, though not chilly.

I set off towards Admiralsbrücke, wanting to loop over the bridge before heading down the canal in the direction of Neukölln. As I strolled slowly, I realised how rarely I get to enjoy this beautiful part of the day – the air is warm yet crisp and the restfully vibrant sense of a new day envelops everything. Filled with breath, I reached the bridge to find a very old lady selling newspapers at its southern tip. Life in Bulgaria has taught me how commonplace it can be for such activity to arise of desperate necessity, and seeing poverty afflict the elderly, particularly elderly women, always spurs a pressing desire to help.

I picked out the latest Die Zeit, which the lady folded for me with utmost care as she wiggled and played with her dentures, revealing a completely bare upper gum. I was happy to relieve the look of despair on her face at the €50 note I initially produced by collecting the necessary €5.50 in coins. I passed the metal money to her as we both took care to not brush each other’s skin. I couldn’t help but smile at the gentle simplicity of this exchange. Not only could I not remember when, if ever, I last bought a newspaper, but the entire interaction on this famous Berlin bridge felt like a surreal glimpse into a time past slowly yet decisively resurrecting into the present. The quiet morning, the lack of people on the street and the unusual vendor all felt like they do not belong to the reality of a 21st century metropolis, and yet are making a stance for the transformed world that might emerge after the pandemic. As I walked away smiling, neatly-folded newspaper under one arm and a bamboo cup full of hot Sideritis tea in the other, I noticed another woman approach the elderly newspaper vendor for her very own read of choice.

All of this filled me with joy. It felt like a sign pointing brightly to the immeasurable beauty of the simplicity that lies so close to each and every one of us. It felt like an affirmation to the idea that infinite detail lies in the most mundane and that we do not need to cross seas or own the world to find happiness in its appreciation. The beauty of a morning, whether in Berlin, Sofia or Mumbai, is gorgeous as it is. It is not its novelty that makes it so, neither the fact it is larger, faster or stronger in any one of these places. Rather, it is its natural state of morningness, in whichever form if may appear, that breathes life into the beholder. It took the slowness and sparseness imposed by a virus, alongside the grin of an elderly lady with no teeth receiving €5.50 from me, to make me feel, in my whole being, that all is complete without needing to strive for it to be so.

The practice of yielding

After he died I could never trust the void because in her depths lay the ripping pain and loss that would always overpower me. So, I held on tight, never permitting myself to let go lest I fall into her.

Now, I discover that grief is not all that lives in her murky misty depths. Serendipity, magic or coincidence, call it what you will – all of it resides within her. And as you release to her she blossoms and weaves within you.

She offers surprises enveloped in clarity, awarding the patience that always eluded me. Feeling her is knowing myself and releasing to the path that can finally take me.


‘Once, I had great sadness
buried deep inside.
I invited it to come out and play.
I wept oceans. My tear ducts ran dry.
And I found joy right there.
Right at the core of my sorrow.
It was heartbreak that taught me how to love.’

~ excerpt from Jeff Foster’s How I Became a Warrior, brought into my life by newly-found healer, teacher, shaman Liina Tael 

Deeper / Slower / Deeper

Diving deeper,



to the core, that feeling core

that carries within the indescribable.

That indescribable that is all,

all to me and perhaps nothing to you.

No matter, for it is mine, solely mine

giving the essence of what

I refer to as me.

It is as it is,

indescribable and unfathomable,

formless, ubiquitous,

reminding me, each moment

that I live and breathe and move.

Diving deeper,



Unearthing there what is truly mine

with no need to define or defend it,

no need to explain it or grasp it,

merely letting it be, as it is,

and permitting it to remind me

that life is vast, bold yet soft,

and to show me how my mind

(its restless grinding and churning)

clouds what flows there inside

deeper, slower and truer.

Vision / Heart

Engulfed by a vision

She listens through heart,

Not to longings self-nurtured,

But a truth which imparts.

Swirling in presence,

She embodies the knowledge in whole

A sense felt through vastness,

Rooted in past and in future to grow.

Breathing, it opens and curls,

As she lies here in patience, seeing it swirl

Unsurprised to receive what she long might suspect

Knowing all is

and not a drop less.

Touch me deeply and change me today, forever

Once upon that time with ease you flowed to me,

On you eyes I laid and soaked

what truths your soothing voice

in essence pure conveyed.

Paths again may never cross,

but this to you I wish to say,

your faith in what the mind may choose,

planted courage in life’s way.

In your words I found freedom,

In your arms I found hope.

In your silence I suffered.

In your absence I thought.

Since, partitions have shattered

and rays through so beautifully shine,

as purpose in liberty forcelessly grows

and strength in your words forever shall lie.

Rain / Deliverance

The rain of today

brings winds before of yesterday

and where the sun tomorrow may lie

strikes but a moment

as your touch upon mine

seldom in future and past may lay.

Tomorrow may shine on yesterday’s flurry,

but, embrace me, love!

Drink me, never but today forever,

those temporal torrents diluting

as through you I flow

and in us deliverance sustain.