Life in-between




in waves in the space we call life in-between

the abyss and the vastness it meets

splitting the darkness

of wholeness, beyond-human nothingness

nothing only to those blinded by forces demanding

surrender and worship

– divinity’s reign.

Deliver me, darkness

deliver me peaceful in this space in-between

limitless cradling a home on the earthly

weaving through bending

what lies threaded now, past and past the beyond.

Deliver me, resting

to magic and spaces run through the domains

in resonance with this here hard Earth whose waters I worship

bound to this body and the reigns in-between

the darkness dark only

to spiritless eyes of fires un-burning

who never see visions through searing thoughts felt.

Deliver me, mother

to spaces un-fearful

where I burn surrounded by others aflame

fire fire un-harming,

fire feeding fire in futures moulding.

Fuel me, mother

a flame to another aflame

two there to bend this here world into futures unseeing

futures in life felt, the life in-between

mending what’s shattered to wholeness, beyond-human nothingness

pulsing the seared blood in the flesh of two bound.