Heaven is

the gifts of friends who see our mind prosper

who nurture our dreams

setting us free

unblocking our hearts and our throats

where gifts of our own lie dormant unseen

awaiting permission

– bound –

in fears manufactured by the poisoned intention of extractivist times

domineering the soft and the gentle

the human within us deformed

into hardened expressions of a broken,

twisted masculine


that seeks validation by attempting to force

all that’s around it

to service and serve self-anointed masters

embodied in women and men.

Heaven is

learning to set the self free


in expressions of gentleness

in allowing the tears and the hurt

of destruction by pushing

demanding forever


until no more is there to be given

demanding that Earth, non-human and human


more than there is to give.

Heaven is

open to subtle pulls, softness

the pull and the gravity of those who


to be pushed

who refuse to be hardened by a world

that was never built or intended for them,

never intended for them to prosper

or even exist.

Heaven is


to be bent and deformed into shapes

demanded by those failing to hesitate

in enforcing the structures

built to self-aggrandise

(those self-appointed masters)

built as towers of phallic significance

in which to elevate themselves from the lowly,

the rest,

the soft ones who permitted themselves to be pushed

ensnared by the narratives, fearful

of those oh-so-few masters of extractivist times.

Heaven is

finding strength in your softness

the slow gentle process of constructing a spine

which bends

but is never pushed over

at first merely holding

later reclaiming

ground from the extractivist push

poison transmuting

as push turns to pull

through integrity,


there is no more to give


because our home is depleted

and so are we.

To those who nurture me:

my mother, my sister, my grandmothers,

Valerie, Harriet, Rebekka, Rosi,

Annie, Andrea, Abi, Gaby, Lucy,

Anya, Tanya, Yana,

my ancestors and the Earth we tread on.

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