Deeper / Slower / Deeper

Diving deeper,



to the core, that feeling core

that carries within the indescribable.

That indescribable that is all,

all to me and perhaps nothing to you.

No matter, for it is mine, solely mine

giving the essence of what

I refer to as me.

It is as it is,

indescribable and unfathomable,

formless, ubiquitous,

reminding me, each moment

that I live and breathe and move.

Diving deeper,



Unearthing there what is truly mine

with no need to define or defend it,

no need to explain it or grasp it,

merely letting it be, as it is,

and permitting it to remind me

that life is vast, bold yet soft,

and to show me how my mind

(its restless grinding and churning)

clouds what flows there inside

deeper, slower and truer.

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